Scripting Unreal with Pharo

Annnddddd…. I DID IT !!!

I accomplished connecting Pharo with Unreal so I can script it with Pharo. It works from inside the editor and for the game as standalone. True live coding 🙂
I am amazed how fast it is, but then I guess it should be expected with shared memory.  You can watch a short demo here
When I first created the loop, nothing happened.
So naturally I expected that my CPPBridge was not working, my loop is basically going from 1 to 150 (z axis), 10 times. After inserting a delay of just 10 milliseconds I could see movement.
So apparently without the delay Pharo , Unreal and CPPBridge are so fast that do 10 times movement of 1 to 150 in under one frame !!!!! So now I will have to slow down thing to make them work as I want !!! LOL!!!! I expected to be fast but nowhere that fast.
Not that I am complaining.
But this is just the first step, now I will slowly and steadily start to wrap Unreal Engine 4.13 API for Pharo.
Its a dream to use Pharo professionally 🙂
Dimitris Chloupis

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