Sven’s Magic Touch

I wanted to get all the lines of

And ZnEasy get: ‘’

did not like to proceed…

Here is Sven trip and tricks at work!

This page returns text that is latin1 (iso-8859-1) encoded, but describes it as ‘text/plain’ without further qualification. Zn then assumes the encoding is utf8 (the most reasonable default today). Mime-types can specify the encoding as follows: ‘text/plain;charset=utf8’ or ‘text/plain;charset=latin1’.

Here is how to override the default in Zn

value: ZnCharacterEncoder latin1
during: [
ZnClient new
get: ‘’ ]) lines.

The above will give you an array of 336531 words (it is a bit slow because it is lot of data).

This is a common problem 😉

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