I am happy to announce the availability of PetitParser2, a wonderful redesign developed by Jan Kurš of the original PetitParser.
– it introduces the compiler facility that speeds up parsers by a factor of ~2-5x
– it introduces the possibility of parsing streams without having them in memory
– it comes with a new structure internally that makes it more flexible
– it introduces asPParser (not a typo) to be able to have the new version working in parallel with the classic asParser
The version is already present in the latest Moose 6.1 in parallel with PetitParser. Also, several of the parsers that are shipping with PetitParser were already copied to PetitParser2 as well.
You can find more details here:
Some more documentation will follow.
I think Jan did a wonderful job and the result is quite exciting. Please take a look and let us know what you think.

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