Pharo Newsletter October 2016

Project Highlight: Pharo and Git

Iceberg is a set of tools that allow one to handle git repositories directly from a Pharo image. Right now we support only git, but Iceberg is designed to allow other code versioning systems in the future. The final aim of Iceberg is to become the default repository manager for Pharo-core, allowing for smoother and faster integration of contributions, as well as better branch and version management.

This is still a prototype and is not yet ready for production, but you are invited to try it and provide feedback. For more information, see

More ESUG 2016 and IWST16

Last newsletter had some highlights of ESUG 2016. Now all talks have been posted. There is lots of good stuff there!
For your Smalltalk overdose, have a look at the content per day:

IWST, the Internatinal Workshop on Smalltalk is the academic track of ESUG. This year it had a record-breaking numbers of submissions.

See here for all the talks with links to the slides and papers at

For an impression of the conference, have a look at the pictures posted.

ESUG was a great experience again and everyone is looking forward to the 2017 edition!

Success Story: MultiCity

Multicity partner platform is a system for geo-fence based marketing in the car rental market. It enables companies to place shops and offers onto a city map to be advertized when customers are nearby. On occurrences like the return of a rental car the system will figure out nearby advertisements and will contact the customer via mobile phone to send an offer. Received messages can act as vouchers for the offer.

Pharo has been very helpful in that project. The unique development experience made it possible to realize this project in a short time frame. The whole system of managing mobile devices, mobile messaging and geo advertisement is driven by the pharo runtime. Pharo is an integral part of development at
— N. Hartl CTO of 2Denker.

More info:

Company / Jobs Corner

– RMOD is looking for a postdoc or PhD on BlockChains. More infos
– RMOD is looking for a PhD on quality model for simulinks model and transformation of relational database to noSql contact

For more news, follow @pharoproject on Twitter:


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