Sparta V1.1

I am happy to announce the release of Sparta v1.1 for Pharo 6.
It can be bootstrapped with the following script:
Metacello new
  baseline: 'Sparta';
  repository: 'github://syrel/sparta:v1.1/src';
  load: #file:core
Examples are on class side of: MozExamples, MozTextExamples
(for linux users: if you use 32bit pharo on 64bit linux, sparta will not work, since 32bit plugin depends on 32bit GTK which conflicts with 64bit GTK. Either use 32bit linux or 64bit pharo. I tested sparta with 64bit vm on mac and linux – it works, but some features fail because FFI is not ready)
Release of v1.1 is focused on hardware acceleration, windows support and text rendering.
What is new:
 – Default backends on all platforms changed from software to hardware accelerated.
 – Now also works on Windows! Default backend is Direct2D for drawings and DirectWrite for text. On multi-gpu machines per-app-default setting is respected. In case of Nvidia it can be changed in nvidia control panel. Sparta is x2 faster on discrete gpu than on integrated one.
 – Added initial text support, for instance rendering and high precision measurement.
 – Per-platform settings system is now image based. Allows to enable/disable hardware acceleration, change default backends, change font-mappings tables.
Some text examples:

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