Tealight: Getting more out of Teapot


I wrote a small extension "Tealight" for the Teapot framework that makes it 
even easier to experiment with web based interfaces/web calls into Pharo 
running on the server side.

It additionally allows you to easily define and generate a simple or versioned web
interface for your own apps.

With this extension REST  annotated methods like

   greeting: aRequest
      <REST_API: 'GET' pattern: 'hello'>
      ^'HelloWorld from Pharo'

are transformed into dynamic Teapot routes and can be accessed easily via web.

You can use two pragmas:

  #REST_API:pattern:          for standard APIs
  #REST_API:versions:pattern  for versioned APIs

Full docu explaining how to use it is added on


It also shows the new custom "Teaspoon" inspector extension tool implemented by
Attila Magyar - which is really cool to experiment and call the web methods 
without a web browser or Zinc scripts.

So far there is no config for Tealight for the catalog yet, will add this soon.
So for the time being you need to load the latest version via

  Metacello new 
    repository: 'github://astares/Tealight/repository';
    baseline: 'Tealight';

to follow the docu description.

Have fun!


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