Continuous improvements

18987 Extract asClass and friends in a separate package and deprecate

19128 Deprecation: The method Object>>name called from KMRepository>>#addCategory: has been deprecated.

19117 Another stab at iconNamed: cleaning…


This is:

– case 19032
– testLocalMethodsOfTheClassShouldNotBeRepeatedInItsTraits was failing due to #isLastInOwner
– add manifest wit preUnload action in GTDebugger


=> 19032 seems to be not fixed. (there is still a sender if #ifNotNilDo:)

=> the gt problem with testLocalMethodsOfTheClassShouldNotBeRepeatedInItsTraits was fixed, but in the meantime
we got more problems (from epicea). This is a nice example how not fixing a trivial bug leads to more decay fast
that we do not even know about. “yes, that test fails and I know why. Will be fixed when we merge”.
What happens instead is that this “known failure” will fail soon due to many more other reasons… that nobody is
even aware of.

Trivial is not trivial.. that is why one needs to fix them as soon as possible and *never* think that batching trivialities is
a good idea…

19039 Optional source code annotation pane Nautilus

18482 Typing a large number into a playground freezes the image

19124 enhance Deprecation to log sending method

19122 Remove category from Opal

18788 TxTextStyler do not work

19023 debug menu in GTDebugger

19101 Unload CubeHelix

19116 FTRootItem>>expandAll sends deprecated #name message

19115 formatter should not modify symbol formatting in literal arrays

19119 Integrate Epicea 8.0.2

18327 SystemWindow reset his borderWidth on #themeChanged

18825 The current Pharo Fuel platform is still FLPharo5Platform and cannot be reset

18731 NeoUUIDGenerator should not rely on Network-Kernel package

18933 unload Collections-Grid and Collections-Grid-Test

18963 DANode>>#browseClass: sends unimplemented fullOnClass:

19113 Problem with selection in rubric (select from line beginning)

18594 Remove references to Smalltalk evaluate: from Fuel
19110 DNU on menu counter

19091 Problem adding breakpoint through suggestions

19108 Logging error stack should not hang image and prevent opening debugger
19104 Typo in SizeMismatch error message

19051 Do not reinit selector table on startup (takes too long)
19096 String selection behaviour in code editor is not logical

19035 Default time limit for tests should be small

19102 Another clean iconNamed: phase…
16877 another endless debugger loop

19097 Move to instance side refactoring of class method in the sender list is mispelled

19098 FuelOutStackDebugAction uses incorrect debugger API

19094 cleaning iconNamed:

19093 WeakSet anyOne is not work correctly when only nil there

19089 About dialog: add a space to Pharo6.0…

17881 loading package which add extension method to trait from external package makes loadable package dirty

19077 extend ClassDescription>>printSubclassesOn:level: to have a filter
19092 TestExecutionEnvironment should clean all intercepted processes collections when test completes

19088 simplify newAnonymousSubclass in MetaClass

19083 Introduction of FullBlockClosures (as an option)

19085 Integrate Epicea 8

Change log:

– Pass on UI + search more consistent names (e.g. session -> log).

– Replace “Session Browser” by “Log Set” from EpiceaHiedra experimental package.

– Add EpMonitorModel, to manipulate EpMonitor via UI.

– Rename: apply/revert instead of redo/undo.

– Fix 18946: package does not exist when a category removal is announced.

– Fixes for Dark theme.

– Avoid using #name in some cases.

– Make EpLogBrowser composable (it needs to be correctly initialized when created with #new).

– Optimization: reuse entryReader with an instance variable.

– Encapsulate morph creation to a new class: EpMorphFactory.

– Delete Trait issue (case 19045): Avoid sending #name to nil.

– Add EpMonitor>>debug setting

– Ombu writing entries: Do not catch all Error but FileException.

– Ombu: Move writing error handling to EpMonitor.
19087 Tracking of processes during test run should not keep processes strongly.

18755 Variable-button raises “SubscriptOutOfBounds: 1” when a Trait is selected

17543 VM crash in Windows when compiling many symbols
19086 do not allow expressions as pragma arguments
17857 newAnonymousSubclass should works for Metaclass

19082 The tool to do updates is broken due to space in SystemVersion
19079 CriticBrowser can not show result for transformation rules anymore (DNU)

19071 FuelOutStackDebugAction should not hide error

18463 ReleaseTest>>#testMethodsWithUnboundGlobals is failing

19057 Failing test: SHParserST80Test.testNumberHierarchy
19049 Unify Dictionary APIs

19074 comment all RBRefactoryChange classes

19069 SUnit test suites should be run on singe TestExecutionEnvironment

19073 Image snapshot should be forcible executed un DefaultExecutionEnvironment

19076 New assert extension to compare floats by closeTo

19068 SUnit failed tests during command line or monkey run


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