Metronomic attitude… systematic enh

19075 SmallLint tests failing after update
19055 More iconNamed: cleaning
19067 Wrong emphasis code for struck and narrow

19061 Move some of rules to new architecture & improve

19066 subclassDefinerClass needs to return Smalltalk compilerClass
19065 Symbol>>#asMethodPreamble isBroken

17879 Wrong example or code in Generator class comment

19063 Factory for RBModel classes

19047 fix vmstats report for spur

19056 Trait Polymorphism tests fail again

19052 rub shoutdecorator should not raise a debugger

19054 QA 3.2.7
19054 QA 3.2.7

19050 Copying a class doesnt replicate the pool dictionary definitions

19044 DebugAction should use key-mappings and not characters to indicate shortcuts

19048 move testZipped to Compression-Tests

19046 SUnit watch dog should not signal error when test environment is not active like during debugger

19028 Process ondo method to inject default exception handlers

18974 A Nautilus fix to support class method tests
19042 QA 3.2.6

19043 UnlimtedIvar slot: fix a #name deprecation side effect
18983 Kommitter is not working when invoked from Versionner

18859 Loading a package break word selection on Windows
19030 SystemAnnouncer restoreAllNotifications produces memory leak

19006 Add support for the file sync primitive to the FileSystem API

19001 Another pass to introduce iconNamed: and avoid Smalltalk ui icons

19002 iconNamed: in Catalog Browser

19015 Tests should never hang and leave forked processes live

18606 MessageBrowser should use fast table and provide filter field

19034 Improve comment of round:
19014 Autodeprecation creates a DoIt method on UndefinedObject

19029 SystemAnnouncer allInstances size = 2

19027 minimal Pharo build failing
19021 RB forgets to unmark removedClasses

10025 MethodDictionary at:put: and #flushCache
18859 Loading a package break word selection on Windows

18930 Regression: Time to show big methods is too high

19020 add preUnload message to Manifest

19022 asClass rules

18827 Mirror primitives should be easy to use

19019 Inexactitude in Dictionary class>> newFromPairs: comment

18950 CritiqueBrowser: Compiler error when accepting a method with argument

18992 asClass in font related package

18988 FreeTypeFontProvider should calculate correctly the directories where to look for fonts.

18974 A Nautilus fix to support class method tests

18991 asClass in RPackageTest

18989 asClass in BlueInk

19011 Integrate two double quotes inside comments

18033 Fraction isPowerOfTwo does too much work

19012 Added rules for icons

19013 Semaphore wait protocol based on duration

19005 Collection>>#ifEmpty: has useless return and wrong comment

18990 Text missing #includesSubstring: and includesSubstring:caseSensitive:

– case 18965 (removed GTExample)

– case 18596
Remove references from Glamour to Smalltalk evaluate:

– case 18948
remove a direct reference to Compiler from GT tests

– case 18923
inspector: improve “list methods using this variable”

– case 18905
cleanup #withThorougMethodsReferTo:do:

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