Sparta Canvas 1.0

I am happy to announce the release of Sparta v1.0 for Pharo 5 and Pharo 6.
For a moment only Linux and Mac are supported.
It can be bootstrapped with the following script:
Metacello new
  baseline: 'Sparta';
  repository: 'github://syrel/sparta:v1.0/src';
  load: #file:core
(on linux install 32bit libgtk-2, lingtk-3 and libstdc++)
(script for ubuntu

Sparta is an almost stateless vector graphics API for Pharo that provides bindings to the Moz2D rendering backend. Moz2D is the extracted graphical engine from Mozilla Firefox compiled as standalone shared library together with the extern C bindings required to call the engine from Pharo.

– developed with the help of Iceberg (thanks!) on Github.
– integrated into travis-ci using smalltalkCI (great job!).
– documented using Pillar (so better!) syntax.


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