TaskIt v2 is out

Hi all,

With Santi we wanted to share a new release of TaskIt, a concurrency management library for Pharo. TaskIt development is done entirely in github, using iceberg. Works like a charm. Please find below attached the changes log with more information.

Guille & Santi


TaskIt is a library that ease Process usage in Pharo. It provides abstractions to execute and synchronize concurrent tasks, and several pre-built mechanisms that are useful for many application developers. This chapter explores starts by familiarizing the reader with TaskIt’s abstractions, guided by examples and code snippets. At the end, we discuss TaskIt extension points and possible customizations.
ChangesLog TaskIt v0.2

Major Features

Task Runners
Futures with callbacks
Future combinators
Future synchronous access


Travis CI https://travis-ci.org/sbragagnolo/taskit
Documentation https://github.com/sbragagnolo/taskit/blob/master/README.md

Minor changes log (from commits)

Enhanced class comments
TKTWorker processes are terminated in case the worker is collected. See Issues #8 and #5
Process Dashboard. – Adds TKTTaskItProcessProvider by default with the extension package – Hides job and task fields since there are not reachable any more.


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