An amazing experience to learn

Gour asked in the mailing-list how he can access the Pharo bugs tracker.  He should log because we use a professional service nicely offered to us.

Now he asked the following question:

do you believe it makes sense for a noob to create account
in case there are some low-hanging fruits to pick?

And here is the answer Ben did. I fully fully agree. I learned and I’m still learning a lot from reading bug fixes.

Definitely.  And not necessarily that you *solve* an issues, but that
I found a benefit from "goal directed learning".
When I started using Pharo I learned a lot from:
* trying to reproduce issues - which also benefits core developers if
you can gather more complete symptom info
* testing other people's solutions - putting halts in the changed code
and simultaneously stepping through the original and solution code.
Actually I was surprised at far into the depths of the system this led
me sometimes and how accessible they were.  Look for issue marked
"Fixed - review needed"

cheers -ben


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