More Enhancements

18980 QA v3.2.5

18903 CriticBrowser browser senders broken

18970 Add missing class comments for some RBToken classes
18936 RBParser allows pragmas after method code

18829 Add a RefactoringFramework System HelpTopic

18955 DoubleLinkedList and its test should be in its own package

18967 wrong title for “add trait” dialog

18954 ClassTest>>#testMethodsReferencingClass and testMethodsReferencingClasses should not use external packages

18975 copy sort –> sorted

18976 SmallDictionary>>#associationAt:ifPresent: is not implemented

18972 Group browse scoped class sync

18964 support for <sampleInstance>
18957 Class copy should not change the name of the instance variables

18434 Metacello-ProfSef classes sends wrong methods

18959 Create a class with a not existing trait does not suggest to create a new trait

18969 RBParser gets stuck in an endless loop if literal array contains an error
18158 MessageSend should not care about obsolete classes
18953 remove Regex dependency from SplitJoinTest>>#testSplitJoinBoundaryCases

18916 simplify asSlotCollection for bootstrap

18938 Remove RBClassInstVarNotInitializedRule, it is a bad rule
18949 reduce direct references to OpalCompiler

18951 Add helper methods to get all assignment nodes of a slot

18952 adopt some extensions of AST-Core from Reflectivity
18944 misspackaged Intege r>> readFrom: radix:

18945 do not require a Text in MockSourceEditor

18937 RBRefactoryTestDataApp and RBSmallintTestObject #fileBlocks sends undefined #asFilename

18940 simplify deferFlushDuring:

18942 workaround: fix adding ivars to classes with class vars

18939 New critic for catching redundant periods after statements
18917 simplify trait name validation for bootstrap

18941 ClassBuilderWarning should not override defaultAction

18602 Dependency-Analyzer v1.19

18925 cleanup InMidstOfFileinNotification

16789 RBUnaryAccessingMethodWithoutReturnRule refers to #nodes instead of #statements

18894 RBPatternParser should respect RBErrorNode when parsing pattern blocks II

18928 ambigous isArray for RBArrayNode

18914 Improve MethodClassifier classification based on selector parts

18888 Move Pharo bootstrap rule to Renraku model

18910 MNU: OrderedCollection>>parent: when trying to rewrite a tree with RBParseTreeRewriter

18911 unify property API of CompiledMethod with all the others (Class, AST…)

18912 update comment Deprecation

18907 Prevent LanguageEnvironment sublclasses to be in startup list

18906 SessionManager default should store the new instance when no default defined

18908 Prevent Symbol subclasses to be in startup list

18909 Monkey broken because System-CommandLine-TextSupport unloaded in 60164

18866 Rename protocol window title is ambiguous

18897 Monkey crashing with MessageNotUnderstood: VTermOutputDriver>>color256:
18891 MethodFinderTest>>#testGreaterThanANumber is dependent on order

18889 CriticsBrowser “BlockCannotReturn”

18896 add support for ignored fields in structures

18898 Sista Encoder update for release.
18890 Parser cant not parse faulty or unfinished blocks with return caret

18893 MCStWriterTest>>#expectedClassMethodDefinition will always fail on bootstrapped image

18892 simplify isBlockReturn: to use encoder

18887 QA 3.2.4

18878 MNU ReINvocationSequenceRule isArchitecturalRule

18886 parsing an unfinished block with invalid expressions in its body should not create only a single parse error node

18883 SystemReporter calls deprecated #name on MCWorkingCopy
18875 RBRemoveClassRefactoring applicable despite showing a warning

18793 Add CTGrid

18876 Rename BinaryFileStream >> setAtEnd -> setToEnd

18816 Failing test: ChangesBrowserTest.testInitializeWidgets

18846 <script:> and <script> pragmas do not always work

18782 Add DateAndTime class>>readFrom:defaultOffset:

18870 Delivery preparation hook for announcement

18861 TaskbarMorph reports damage outside its own area

18868 Announcements subscription should supports exclusion like exceptions by minus

18867 MetaceloPackageSpec workingCopyNameFor call name which could lead to deprecation warning when current version is array

18865 can not open critics browser on a package from nautilus package pane menu

18856 After Epicea integration: “an OmReference(Pharo_2elhj7i:199) not found in OmSessionStore”

17710 rename variable do not update class template

18855 reduce calls on #compiledMethod in RGMethodDefinition

18860 cleanup after running RGMethodDefintionTest

18858 #testUndeclared fails: missing ivars in RadioButtonModel

18821 format code creates invalid pragma statement

18843 #digitLength is implemented in SmallInteger and in BigInteger but not in Integer

18763 Update CriticBrowser to the latest Renraku changes

18781 Do it in File Browser text pane yields MNU: RubTextEditor>>doIt

18857 #hasSpecialSelector:ifTrueSetByte: can be removed
18854 Unload System-CommandLine-TextSupport

18831 Integrate new Epicea version

18768 Inlined method const could be implemented by metalinks

18835 Update RBParser-Nodes class comments

18836 Second cleaning of Spec-Polywidgets and adding test

18845 Move MIMEHeaderValue from Mail to MIME package

18749 QA v3.2.1
18749 QA v3.2.1

18845 Move MIMEHeaderValue from Mail to MIME package

18840 Cleaning of Spec-example, adding their tests

18848 Traits do not show up when using sendersOfIt

18802 Versionner puts a MCLazyVersionInfo(package name) instead of the package name

18844 Move String>>#join: to correct protocol

18838 ScrollSyncExample seems dont really work

18769 Add test for Spec-Core-Widgets

18841 Margin improvements

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