Custom GTDebugger for Seaside

As presented at ESUG on Monday, we now have a custom GTDebugger for Seaside. This was built by Andrei as an initial experiment.
As we do not know much about Seaside-specific debugging problems, we asked a couple of Seaside users to describe issues that would be useful to be addressed in the debugger, and Andrei allocated some 4h to construct some of these in an custom debugger for Seaside.
Two of the issues that popped up are:
– get a quick view of the current request context
– get an overview of the current component nesting
They are now addressed like depicted in the screenshot below.seaside-debugger.png
You should look at this debugger as a beginning. Beside the current basic extensions one added value is that we now have the scaffolding to build more. Please take a look at it and let’s try to identify more concrete issues that might be addressed. It would be great if this would be taken over by the Seaside community.
The debugger can be loaded on top of a Pharo 6.0 with Seaside inside like this:
Gofer new
    smalltalkhubUser: ‘Moose’ project: ‘GToolkit’;
    package: ‘GT-SeasideDebugger’;
#GTSeasideDebugger asClass register

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