NeoCSV at Work :)


I know a lot of people are interested in (public) datasets (to use as examples). The website contains a (small) number of interesting ones. Here is how to access them using NeoCSV.

(NeoCSVReader on:
 '' asUrl retrieveContents readStream) upToEnd.


ZnClient new
 url: '';
 contentReader: [ :entity | (NeoCSVReader on: entity readStream) upToEnd ];

Of course, they don't use UTF-8 and don't advertise it, so on some datasets you need to do something extra.

(NeoCSVReader on:
     value: ZnCharacterEncoder latin1
     during: [ '' asUrl retrieveContents ])
     readStream) upToEnd.

(Warning: this last example is quite large, 500K records).



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