A taste of bootstrap


as you maybe know, we are working on Pharo image bootstrap – the process that can generate an image from source codes and initialize it correctly. Because of practical reasons we do not bootstrap the standard image at once but we are trying to bootstrap a small headless kernel image and then load the rest of the system into it.
The good news is that we are successful in our effor. We are already able to produce well usable images as you can test here:
From the Pharo/Squeak point of view this image is very special because it doesn’t contain any object inherited from 80’s. Pharo lost its umbilical cord.
Notice that the initial display width is too narrow and and we still need a lot of work on the building process, but In the next weeks and months it will change a lot the Pharo development – especially as soon as it will be combined with Git support.
— Pavel

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