Metacello support for GitFileTree metadata-less mode

In the last month or so we’ve had a couple of different discussions on this list involving adding support to Metacello (otherwise known as “Cypress package extension”) for GitFileTree’s metadata-less mode[1] and [4] and earlier this week I released a new version of Metacello[2] that includes an updated version of the  “Cypress package extension”[5].

Depending on the version of Pharo you are using, at some point in time, I expect this new release of Metacello to be available in the standard download. Until then, to install the latest version of Metacello into Pharo execute the following in a workspace:

Metacello new
baseline: ‘Metacello’;
repository: ‘github://dalehenrich/metacello-work:master/repository’;
Metacello new
baseline: ‘Metacello’;
repository: ‘github://dalehenrich/metacello-work:master/repository’;
onConflict: [:ex | ex allow];

If you are using GitFileTree’s metadata-less mode and Metacello, then add the following method to your BaselineOf:

^ MetacelloCypressBaselineProject

and you are good to go.

If you are curious as to why “Cypress package extensions” are needed, you can read this comment[6] for a description of what rules Metacello uses when fetching/loading packages from a FileTree repository using a baseline.

On a slightly different topic, Alistair Grant ran into a bug involving Metacello and how it semantic version numbers[7] a couple months ago and this release includes a bug fix … the bug was related to the fact that the parser was too lenient and did throw an error for some forms of invalid Semantic version numbers … with this fix an error is thrown … of course it is entirely possible that there are ConfigurationOfs out in the wild that “depend upon the old behavior” so if you get an “invalid version number” error while working with a configuration and discover that it is not practical to redefine the version numbers to conform to the semantic version number format then you can add the following method to the ConfigurationOf and the old, buggy version of the parser will be used:

^ MetacelloOldSemanticVersionNumber

If you are sharing code between GemStone and Pharo, then you will want to make sure that you install the new version of Metacello in GemStone as well. See the GemStone release announcement for details[8].




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