New File Dialog


last week I stitched together a simple file dialog replacement and today I managed to somewhat finish it.
There is still a lot to be desired, but right now it supports things that were the most pain for me:
* list of most common places (home, root, image directory, temp)
* custom bookmarks by dragging folders from file-pane to bookmark-pane
* toggle hidden files (right-click on file listing)
* preset file name
* filtering files by extensions or patterns and toggling between filters
* synchronous and asynchronous mode
You can use it independently of Pharo’s native dialogs
FDOpenFileDialog new
{‘STON files’ -> #(ston).
‘All files’ -> #()};
defaultFolder: FileLocator imageDirectory asFileReference;
Or if you feel brave, I have an extended UIManager that will use this…, and then you can use regular manager commands
UIManager default chooseFileMatching: #(‘*.ston’)
but you can always go back
FDMorphicUIManager new beDefault. “use new dialogs”
MorphicUIManager new beDefault. “use old dialogs”
and of course the installation itself (I’ll add it to catalog soon after I find a way to autogenerate configurations from git tags)
Metacello new
    baseline: ‘FileDialog’;
    repository: ‘github://peteruhnak/file-dialog/repository’;
More info and docs on GitHub
Any comments/feedback/bug reports is appreciated.

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