Continuous improvements by doing it

18658 Browse class directly for global variables

18529 There is empty packages in the image

15857 review rule RBAsOrderedCollectionNotNeededRule

18675 Cleanup related to deprecated methods

18673 Move variable declaration refactoring creates undeclared variables

18670 Move the transformation code from #deprecated:transformWith: to Deprecation class

18643 make “enable inspect haltOnce” work (Debug menu)

18666 Introduce Pragma>>#methodSelector

18661 Failing test: CompiledMethodTest>>#testSendsSelector

18654 Setting are not being loaded AGAIN

18660 Unify property API of Behaviours to follow that of RBMethodNode, RPackage and Slots

18662 Failing test: OCCompilerTest>>#testScaledDecimalLiterals

18645 Improvement of the ImportingResourceHelp

18655 Store source intervals for critiques of RBParseTreeRules

18615 Can not access named temp vector from within optimized block scope
18651 fix #haltOnce reset

18632 Virtual Machine parameters need to be documented

18620 CompiledMethodTest testContainsHalt fails

18652 RBDeadBlockRule: use #isUsed, not isLastStatementInBlock

18628 can not put haltOnce in RBScanner methods

18644 IconStyler for “self flag:”
18624 SlotIntegrationTest>>testSlotScopeParallelism

18637 Do not use #name method call in MetacelloPackageSpec>>#workingCopyNameFor:

18634 add Object>>perform:with:with:with:with (4 arguments)

18347 Extending current selection after double click does not work

18604 update kernel manifest

18640 Rule for “Dead” Blocks

18613 New RBMethodNode method to return the selector and argument names portion of a method

18600 create “pharo-local” to concentrate pharo local files (package-cache, epicea-sessions, etc.)
18619 Introduction of FullBlockClosure (4) moving code from CompiledMethod to CompiledCode

18633 InstructionForPC: not working with new bytecode set

18105 Introduction of FullBlockClosure (2) Adding the FullBlockClosure class

18503 Introduction of FullBlockClosure (3) Moving code from CompiledMethod to CompiledCode

18374 SmalltalkImage>>backupTo: modifies current working directory
18629 use debug icon for debug submenu

18137 Network test failing only on MAC on CI: UDPSocketEchoTest.testEcho

18626 Guard calls to isGlobal from Rules

18631 Add critiques to message browser

18622 Simplify Iconstyler API

18555 Adding a way of storing the Announcements while suspended

11442 RBClassEnvironment does not respect traits
18627 QualityAssistant v3.1.1

18609 Add tests for String initialization

18595 CompiledMethod is missing #name methof
18334 All classes referenced from a class
18617 Extension color is hard to see when selected with the dark theme

18607 Cleaning icon management in Nautilus

18598 avoid DNU when reapplying rules targeting a package

18601 #haltIfNil and deprecated:transformWith: have wrong visual

18593 Remove Pharo references to Smalltalk evaluate:

15859 review rule RBUncommonMessageSendRule

18614 add a “Debug” menu for halt / breakpoints

18599 use sendsAnySelectorOf: in RBBadMessageRule

18611 Fix warnings that refer to inexistant methods (maxExternalObjects & maxExternalObjectsSilently:)

18305 MCWorkingCopyBrowser class>>#order would benefit to have a comment

18605 add DoOnlyOnceIconStyler

18599 use sendsAnySelectorOf: in RBBadMessageRule

18593 Remove Pharo references to Smalltalk evaluate:

18597 fix haltOnce to open debugger in the right place

18539 Can not browse methods for a change set that modified class comments

18073 TxModel >>#postCopy sends #halt

18592 fix a #name deprecation in Manifest Builder

18587 Show depreciated methods with strikethrough emphasis

18584 DNU on showing menu in PointerExplorer

18586 add String>>#trimmLineSpaces

18591 fix call to #name in asEpiceaRingDefinition

18583 For experiments: Option to compile with syntax errors

18585 deprecated:transformWith: should to Transcript output

18574 SingleCodeCriticResultList>>#criticsOf: raises warning name depreciated

18568 RecursionStopper

18582 Nautilus rename method protocol triggers a Object>>#name deprecation warning
18541 MessageNotUnderstood when trying to look at versions of a class-side method.

18569 Finder search selector : Object>>name deprecation warning

18576 MCClassTraitDefinition>>#sortKey raises Warning #name

18571 StringMorph draw underline and striketrough

18575 MessageBrowser can not browse RGMethodDefinition with no package information
18557 DialogWindow: close window should act as “Cancel”

18565 sendersOf autoselect selects wrong interval

18254 Strange results of Integer>>#asBytesDescription

18562 QualityAssistant v3.1.0

18560 haltOnce creates endless recursion ?
18556 Folding RPackage extensions on Announcement to Announcement

18551 RBSmalllintTest>>#testBadMessage is failing

18558 MNU on deselecting message browser entry

18559 OCASTSemanticAnalyzer calls “name” on RBParseErrorNode

18561 DNU when EpLostChangesDetector opens browser in non-interactive mode

18554 Update SystemCommandLineHandler dependencies

18553 AST based execution counter

18552 Move menu item morph creation to RubSegment

7241 Object>>#name should best be removed

18544 Replace Old encoders by new Zn encoders in FileSystem-Disk

18549 Halt Icon Styler doesnt allow disabling the haltonce

18547 EncoderForSistaV1 bug fix
18546 haltOnce and haltOnCount: Icon label should provide information

18325 Deprecation critiques

18491 Cannot show changes in packages with postscript (like Alien)
18545 Update Fuel

18535 Nautilus should be open to support different method categorizer
18538 remove dead code in UI Manager

18540 Improve method level icon for #flag:

18542 update dependencies of System-Support

18543 update dependencies of SessionManager

18528 RPackageNameTest resets SystemAnnouncer without restoring subscriptions
18534 add Style icons so messageBrowser

18526 better #containsHalt


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