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Updates for Pharo-VM on Ubuntu

There are new pharo vms (non-spur) available with updated sources. As a side effect the pharo vm is now available on ubuntu 16.04 LTS as well. The created vms are in the unstable channel of the pharo ppa. It would be good if a few people could test the packages. If nothing is broken with the packages I can move them to the stable channel.

To test the packages you need to do:

$ apt-add-respository ppa:pharo/unstable
$ apt-get update
$ apt-get install pharo-vm-core


$ apt-get install pharo-vm-desktop

I hope the packages for the spur vm don't take a long time to come along as well.

Happy to get feedback,



“Enterprise Pharo” is out

Great news everyone: the new Pharo book is finally out! "Enterprise
Pharo: a Web Perspective" covers libraries and frameworks for
enterprises, and in particular those doing web development.

You can download it for free or buy a printed version :


Other books are available at

Glorp-SQLite3 for Pharo 5

Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the release of Glorp-SQLite3 for Pharo 5.

Written and tested on 64-bit Linux Mint 17. You'll need to place the 32-bit where your Pharo 5 VM can find it.

Take a fresh Pharo 5 image. Run the following:

    Gofer it  
        smalltalkhubUser: 'TorstenBergmann' project: 'UDBC';
        (Smalltalk at: #ConfigurationOfUDBC) loadBleedingEdge.
    Gofer it
        smalltalkhubUser: 'DBXTalk' project: 'Garage';
        configurationOf: 'GarageGlorp';
        #ConfigurationOfGarageGlorp asClass project stableVersion load.
    Gofer it
        smalltalkhubUser: 'DBXTalk' project: 'Glorp';
        package: 'Glorp-SQLite3';
    GlorpSQLite3CIConfiguration new configureSqlite3.
    GlorpDemoTablePopulatorResource invalidateSetup.

Then run the Glorp tests in TestRunner. You should get 889 passing tests, with
12 tests skipped. The database file is sodbxtestu.db in your image directory.

Feedback welcome. 


MPDClient Client for Pharo


The MPDClient project offers a client side interface to the Linux Music Player Daemon at the protocol level (MPDClient) as well as a web app (MPDClientDelegate) for Pharo.

Metacello new
    baseline: 'MPDClient';
    repository: 'github://svenvc/mpdclient:master/repository';

Written by Sven Van Caekenberghe for



I just publish new tool ObjectStatistics to analyze objects set.
I first created it to analyze network communication during remote debugging. And then I realize how general it could be.
Now it is ready to use package. It could be good foundation to improve and simplify our profiler tools.
Here is little abstract:
ObjectStatistics tool to analyse set of objects by computing different kind of metrics and look at them from different angles. It implements simplistic OLAP Cube approach for data analysis but in objects space.
Imaging that we have collection of message sends and we want to know number of message sends in dimension of receiver, receiver class and message selector. We have different angles to look at this data: from receiver class to selector and receiver or from selector to receiver class and receiver or any other combination.
We also could analyze different kind of metrics which could be computed on given objects. It could be number of unique receivers, execution time, executed lines of code, etc.
This package implements computation of object statistics over declared metrics and dimensions space.
And you can load it by

Gofer it smalltalkhubUser: ‘Pharo’ project: ‘ObjectStatistics’; configuration; loadStable
And play with examples on ObjectStatistics class side
Best regards,