Updated Pharo Launcher


I just updated Pharo Launcher. A new version 0.2.11 is available.
Here are the change log:
  • move Pharo Launcher to the latest stable pharo image: pharo 5.0. It implies That Pharo Launcher is now shipped with Spur VM.
  • allow an easy download of the new beta image: pharo 6.0
  • the Launcher now comes with 2 VMs:
    • Spur VM (pharo 5.0 and Pharo 6.0)
    • Non-Spur VM (to be able to run old images)
  • the Launcher is now shipped with a default template that is the current default Pharo image. It can be found in local templates.
  • there is a new OS bundle for linux: we now ship more files with the launcher and it was needed to have a bundle.
  • update of the default name propose when you create an image from a template: the default name will be the project name.
If you want to give it a try, executables are there:

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