Happy with Pharo 50 release!

Hi guys,

This is just to let you know I am very happy with Pharo 5.0 upcoming release. I was already used quite a lot for other projects (OSSubprocess etc), but a couple of days ago, I started to develop my client’s app (Quuve) and so far so great. It only took me an hour or so to update all my dependencies in my Metacello conf (I have a lot of dependencies). So..thanks for all those who have been updating their confs!
I was already familiar with all the GT tools so I was happy with that. I really notice a speed up (I guess in big part thanks to Spur) and so far it was quite robust. I also noticed some memory leak fixing…as previously in 4.0 I was re-building images all the time because I get to 500MB in no time. Right now I keep using the same image as for several days and so far no problem with memory.
Finally…let me say…. if for Pharo 6.0 we finally get Git support directly integrated into the image and we get expected Sista speedup, I think it will be the best release ever hahahahha.
Thanks for all your efforts and congratulations for the upcoming release. I am already enjoying it since several weeks already.

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