Pharo Monthly Newsletter April 2016

Pharo Monthly Newsletter April 2016

The Pharo Community is busy preparing the release of Pharo5 for May. We got so busy that we forgot to send out a newsletter for March…

For this April Newsletter, we have three topics:

  1. The Pharo MOOC
  2.  Pharo Consortium: Membership Matching Campaign
  3. Pharo Days Report

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Pharo MOOC
The Pharo MOOC is a new online course about Live Object Programming in Pharo.

The MOOC starts with over 2000 registrations on May 2nd. Register today!

Membership Matching Campaign
The Pharo Board is proud to announce a special campaign for attracting new Consortium Members during 2016.
A new fund has been created from which the Consortium will receive the equivalent of one yearly membership fee for every new member, and the increment in yearly fees for every upgrading member. For example, if a new company joins the Consortium as a Silver member (2000 EUR / year), the fund will contribute a one-time amount of 2000 EUR to the Consortium. Similarly, if a company upgrades from Bronze (1000 EUR / year) to Gold (4000 EUR / year), the fund will contribute a one-time amount of 3000 EUR.

This campaign will take place until the end of 2016, or until the fund is depleted. Currently, the fund totals 21000 EUR, a sum which is graciously supported by three companies: LabWare, Object Profile and Fenk.

Pharo Days
Pharo days were organised on Thursday March 31 & Friday April 1 in Namur (Belgium). It was a great moment to encounter other Pharo programmers, to feel community spirit, to discuss about the Pharo ecosystem and the improvment of the language, listen many interesting talks about various themas.

The schedule was interesting: We were lucky to listen talks about Seaside 3.2, data formats and protocols, Unified FFI, Bloc, Spur, etc. If you didn’t go to Namur, all the slides will be available on this website soon.

Many photographies and a video are already available on the web:

Thanks to the event organizers for their incredible work. The Pharo Days took place in a beautiful place (Le cercle de Wallonie).


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