Metronomic improvements

18010 CompiledMethod>>#hasBreakpoint speedup

18011 QA async task flood

17697 Badly encoded icon data

18005 speed up Nautilus tests

17999 Four tests failing in SmalllintManifestCheckerTest

16560 test runs: open debugger on failing tests

18003 multiple usage in the weak subscriptions to the local announcers in the system

18001 GToolkit version 3.19

17998 Update Athens to latest

17984 Method pane of Nautilus does not honor test methods of abstract unit test classes (and lets them run instead)

17970 String Utility method “repeat:”

17983 Update GTSpotter to latest version that reduces memory leaks

17975 #hierarchyClassTree sort by #name instead of #printString

17995 load rubric 2.19
17989 QualityAssistant v2.6.3 (memory leak fix)
17985 Package and methods icon cache are references nautilus instance which shows them first time

17964 Remove usage of Announcer in MultistateButtonMorph for the action to be done when clicked

17986 Nautilus uses old EventManager to subscribe on historyChanged which never garbage collected

17966 garbage subinstance of SystemWindow at image startup

17987 RubFindReplaceService produce leak subscriptions

17015 Failing test: SetTest>>#testAllSetsAreHealthy

17979 (MessageDialogWindow new text: Hello) open should work

17897 Slot method used by Nautilus but not implemented
17284 Rubric SubscriptOutOfBounds error

17972 Remove depended in MorphTreeNodeMorph on deletion

17968 a window should not be the top window after its deletion

17804 –no-default-preferences does not work on the latest Pharo 5
50679 Moose

Addresses cases:
– case 17679
– case 17936
– case 17931
Other updates:

– made the width of the sequenceable number items to be 50
– examples for SharedQueue, CatalogProject
– specify an after: message in GTExamples

17950 Improve Collection Sequenciable comments ver2

16947 Class-side Inst Var “#name” Makes It Too Easy to Break System

17841 Creating a class from a debugger/during compilation doesnt create a record in .changes file

17945 TextEditor setEmphasisHereFromTextForward: broken for empty text

17943 It is not possible to write [ in Nautilus on the french keyboard layout

17937 Monticello does not fully unload packages

17621 Failing test SizeInMemoryTest>>#testSizeInMemoryOfByteObjects
17930 MenuModel>>fromSpec: fails to open a PluggableMenuSpec if it contains a subMenu

17932 Natuilus “Class” button no longer shows if theres anything on the class-side

17929 Missing parenthesis around condition (testAsCommaStringMore)
17632 Can not remove classes that are referenced

17923 SUnit Rules

17699 Finders code pane allows to save code with invalid syntax

17926 Improve Pharo Project Catalog Loading

17780 “Analyzing Packages” progress should not be shown when running package critics

16775 Class Button is in the wrong state sometimes

17871 Slots need to be notified when they changed

16373 Methods called but not implemented in SUnit

17904 Update athens 3.9

17912 QualityAssistant v2.6.2

17909 Update Rubric to 2.16

17218 needs to use new spec drag n drop transfer models

17823 Critic browser is not dark theme friendly

17898 RPackage>>#isDirty speedup
17901 Morph#>>openCenteredInWorld do not use Display

14107 Truncated text on text lists with bold font

17885 ThemeChanged improvements

17891 creating of a new method in “no messages” category does not update methods list in Nautilus

16309 ThreadSafeTranscript>>examples doesnt work anymore

16922 Nautilus: Using class pane menu entry “Add class” can cause problems

17878 KM calls to unimplemented methods
17782 RPackageOrganizer data do not full correspond to the newely generated ones

15893 Nautilus refresh not fine enough

14528 OSWindow: move tests out of package

17893 CompiledMethod>>hasLiteralThorough: does not work properly for GlobalVariables
17869 add support for indirect calls

17872 simulation mirror primitive100 for perform with superclass is not working

17873 Simple Test Cases for String (continued)


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