More Enhancements in the happy Pharo world

17859 testModulePrimitive should use mock instead of real class

17866 add support for HANDLE types (windows)

17861 ArrayTest should not use Color

17860 LiteralDictionaryTest should be moved to Compiler

17829 Failing test: testTallySends

17858 OCCompilerNotifyingTest should not use asText

17844 make SystemSettingsPersistence the last startup executed

17852 command line test runner should be able to exit without error if there are failures
17835 add support for opaque types

15263 Path>>do: skips empty segments, yet #size counts them, resulting in inconsistent behavior for paths with empty segments

17849 themeChanged for NautilusAnnotationDisplayer
17838 Add release test checking some important order in startup list

17839 release a version with Versionner calls a deprecated method

17850 Update Rubric to 2.12

17847 Remove #undoMove:redo:owner:bounds:predecessor:

17846 Doit snapshots should be skipped

16824 Context>>#copyTo:blocks: broken

17840 ChangesBrowser selectAll DNU

17851 Reduce width of DiffJointMorph
17843 Changes Browser doesnt recover changes in correct order

17750 Extend CollectionValueHolder with ValueAdded/Removed/Changed

17836 GTEventTool>>#checkProcess has undeclared variables

17834 World Morph is started up before Fonts

16527 All popups very hard to read with white on lightblue

17837 Revert changes to fast table morph from glamour version 3.15
17831 [Theme] Move color changes from #installFullTheme

17397 We have a group for Configurations, we should have one for baselines.

17779 allow RPackageOrganizer initialization from a list of packages


17543 VM crash in Windows when compiling many symbols (workaround)

17832 Transcript is in NonInteractive mode in non headless images

17833 GTools Version 3.15
16508 Nautilus loses track of changes when using the debugger (restart)

17828 failing test: testMetaclassAndTraitClassRespectsPolymorphismRules
17825 SlotSilentTest should also silence Author during tests

17797 random crash while trying to dispose a NULL handle

17824 QASettings>>#initialize has undeclared var spotterPlugin

17817 Creatng a new class where the name starts with a subclass of is considered valid class name

17612 Fail on CI: RPackageReleaseTest>>#testUnpackagedClasses

17795 Editor still deletes right parenthesis when deleting an adjacent left parenthesis while “Smart Characters” is turned off

17792 remove references to undeclared classes in Metacello


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