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Demo FFI

Hi all,

I've published libffidemo on Github,,
and DemoFFI on STH,!/~PierceNg/DemoFFI.

Together, they show how to use Pharo 5's Unified FFI to obtain an "opaque"
pointer to a C-level struct, in the two usual styles: passing in a pointer
pointer as a parameter, and via a pointer returned by a C function.

They also show how to retrieve an integer through the opaque pointer in two
usual styles: passing in a pointer to integer as a parameter, which involves
creating an integer value holder on the Smalltalk side, and via an integer
returned by a C function.

Apart from that, the library does nothing. :-)

To compile libffidemo for Pharo's use:

  $ gcc -shared -m32 -o libffidemo.c

I wrote these to figure out how to port NBSQLite3 from NativeBoost to the new
FFI. I hope others will find them helpful too. 


Bloc monthly report

Hi all
Today is sunday meaning that we should make a monthly report on what happened in Bloc in February.
 – BlLinearLayout (stack layout + proportional layout)
  • Uses gtExample for examples and tests: BlLinearLayoutExamples
  • Has extensive class docs and method docs. Still some methods are missing docs.
  • Has “book” chapter (more info below)
– Integration with OS-Window
– Unified shape scaling behaviour.
  • By default shape scales to fill BlElement’s extent.
  • Supports different resizing strategies.
  • Started “book” chapter
– Added documentation to various parts of Bloc
  • Still there are a lot of places not covered with docs.
  • Also we auto-generate “book” chapters from bloc example classes. In attachment you can find linear-layout and not finished shape chapter.
– Bloc presentation on PharoDays2016
  • 01 April 2016
  • 11:05–11:25 Bloc: Towards a vector-based GUI
– Working on
  • Grid layout (all rules above apply, docs + tests + chapter)
  • Bloc tests
  • Documentation



Call about Numerical Methods in Pharo :)

Hi guys

I met Didier Besset and we had a great hacking session and discussions with Serge Stinckwich. Didier would like to help Pharo and the numerical part of it. ***Big thanks*** Didier.

We would like to do several things:

– Work on “Hows to”
The numerical method in Pharo book is good but the gap between us and the math is too large 🙂  so the idea is to have a series of “how to …”
– histomgram (simple, based on distribution)

– Improve the SciPharo/NumPha (previously SciSmalltalk – yes we need a new name) library.  This morning we started to implement a ComponentPrincipalDecomposition by combining two of the  objects available in SciPharo.  Then we started to enhance the distributions to make sure that we can plug other distribution for having controlled random number.

– Do a public call to know what is missing for you: this is this mail 🙂
Didier would like to work on concrete cases. I love that attitude
So tell us 🙂

Hernan ??
Alex: ?? pvalue? better distribution?
Vincent: covariance? CPA?
Philippe: times series
Serge R frames?
Sami: Better random number and various distributions?

– Organise a two day lectures with practices on concrete case in September with a recording session. Either at IRD Bondy or Lille.

– Make sure that the Numerical Method book will get on lulu 🙂 with a better cover and title 🙂


Pharo Days Preregistration


The Pharo Days 2016 are at the end of this month. We are really looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. The official registration is not yet online, but we need attendance numbers to plan ahead. We therefor ask you to complete the following Doodle if you plan on coming:

There are 3 time slots: first day, social diner on the first evening, and second day.

The schedule and list of talks is not yet final, but a draft is already available:

At least one slot is not yet defined, feel free to make a suggestion for a topic you would find interesting. In the afternoon, you have the opportunity to do informal, demo style presentations of your work to small groups.


The Pharo Board

Free access to Ephemeric Cloud


I am happy to announce that we open free access to Ephemeric Cloud to all
Pharo association members!

To get your free account please follow the below steps:

1) Register at Pharocloud and activate your Ephemeric Cloud access.
2) Contact me at with your Ephemeric User ID and
request of activation your free subscription.
3) Join Slack #cloud channel of Pharo team to ask questions and discuss.

You may find documentation here:
We are updating the document with your feedback so please feel free to send
us any comments.