Another batch of enhancements

17801 EditingState/RubEditingState >>#addUndoRecord: sends a unimplemented message

17534 Transcript does not work after image save and restart

16274 Text-Core should not depend on Tool-Base

17820 QualityAssistant v2.5.1

17811 { film . FILM } is formatted as { film . FILM . }

17807 WorldMorph settings should be able to set both background image and color from the settings

17793 Get coherent diff for metacello packages
17791 RPackage-Core extends Monticello

17794 MCStWriter should be able to do not write initializers

17809 Can not create a subclass of TestCase

17788 Clean old startup mechanism – part 5

17806 Make Metacello rules optional in Versionner

17816 SystemSettings should be last in the startupList of SessionManager

17813 TransformationMorph rightClick behavior is broken
17800 load UnifiedFFI 0.15
17182 Unify adding slots and correct initialization of class slots

17717 Clean old startup mechanism – part 4
16537 FTDataSource>>elementAt: should not be there.

16330 Text*Link users should use RubText*Link

17774 Use isIntegerPoint instead of “x isInteger and: [ y isInteger ]” in some Point methods

17773 CircleMorph should use default initialize methods instead of #initialize

16368 refersToLiteral: should (for now) just call hasLiteralThorough:

17768 remove again isEphemeronClass and isImmediateClass

17766 StandardSystemFontsTest is either unfinised or obsolete

17736 Growl raise debugger instead of a popup at startup

17758 Rectangle>>#areasOutside: inconsistent return value

17752 Point>>#asFloatPoint and Point>>#asIntegerPoint should not create new instances all the time. Add Point>>#isFloatPoint

17761 move #astNodes messages to the Reflectivity package

17763 RingChunkImporter>>#msgClassComment:with: still uses Text for class comments

17747 Nautilus history navigation hotkeys prevent entering square brackets on german/spanish Mac OS X

17764 Update UFFI
17745 RBParser>>parseLiteralByteArrayObject doesnt consume token on error

17762 move DisplayScreen related DummyUIManager messages to the Graphics-Display Objects package

17760 QualityAssistant v2.4.0
13376 Wrong TextMorph extent for ButtonMorphs

15733 let MessageTally ignore #home and just use #sender to handle block closures correctly

15562 rewrite tests that are skipped when old compiler is unloaded

17746 adding a Slot to an anonymous class sets name ivar.

17739 remove duplicated methods from Traits

17392 FreeType numCharMaps nil causes Array>>basicNew: to fail

17740 RBSelfSentNotImplementedRule needs to ignore Traits methods

17215 Proposed fix for OCLiteralVariable>>emitValue:

17132 better comment for flushcache
16422 BlueInk Formatter breaks line even with enough space

17197 CheckBoxModel & RadioButtonModel desactivated* => deactivated*

17733 add support for enums and valueholders
17655 Changes in package loading behavior

17692 ProfStef does not correctly use code font
17716 Clean old startup mechanism – part 3

17698 Debugger step through proxies is not always working

17727 failing test: testWorkspaceIsNotAValidContext

17721 Starting Image 50617 raises MNU
17704 Failing test on CI for mac: KMCombinationTests>>#testMacMetaShouldBeCmd

17713 select right fallback UIManager

17686 Add rules about Rubric method precedence
17711 Reset Registry of MetacelloProjectRegistration to remove Obsolete configuration instances

17712 clean old startup mechanism – part 1

17655 Changes in package loading behavior
17706 deprecate #implementorsExistOf:…

17700 add stub NB classes to easy migrations
17686 Add rules about Rubric method precedence

17689 BoxedFloat Fix remaining Tests

17685 Add rules to check if Float system classes are referenced


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