Monthly Newsletter Feb 2016

Pharo Monthly Newsletter Feb 2016

We will start our monthly email to keep you in touch with the Pharo world.
You receive this mail because you subscribed at some point at
In case of a mistake: there is link at the end of the mail to unsubscribe.Many things are happening as usual, far too many to list in one email.

The plan is to send one mail per month, never more, with just a selection of
all the things happening. (This one is late, it was for Feb 2016… there will
therefore be one more end of March)

If you are interested in all the news, there are blogs and twitter accounts to
follow. For example:

For a complete list, see

Pharo 50 beta is getting well on track. We expect to have a release in Mid-April. We now have:

  •  Spur the new memory manager developed by Eliot Miranda.Spur includes new GC, new object representation, support for ephemerons, pinned objects and a lot more.
  •  new uFFI compatible with latest Spur memory manager.
  • new version of GT toolkit tools.
  • … and many great enhancements (break point, browser improvements,…)

To play with Pharo5, the latest development snapshot is available at

PharoDays 2016: Two days at Namur to talk and exchange ideas about Pharo, see

More manpower: Pavel Krivanek, the creator of the Pharo mini image shrink, has joined on a one-year position to work on the bootsrap and other projects.

The Pharo consortium is growing, we are preparing an announcement for later this month.

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