SelectEntity, a new widget for Spec

When using data entry applications,
we often have to select one entity out of a large list.
Spec provides the entryCompletion option for text fields for that.
That works well for small lists
When the number of different entities grows large however,
or when we want to be able to add a new entity,
the traditional solution is to combine an entry completion field
with a button that opens a dialog. This is what SelectEntity provides.
In addition, it supports limiting the choices shown based on
the context in which the field is shown.

I’ve created a small demo application that can be found on smalltalkhub:

Gofer it
smalltalkhubUser: ‘StephanEggermont’
package: ‘Ancestry’;

It can be started with:

ANPersonList new openWithSpec.


Thanks to Peter Uhnak for the design comments & debugging

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