Bloc monthly report

Hi all
Today is sunday meaning that we should make a monthly report on what happened in Bloc in February.
 – BlLinearLayout (stack layout + proportional layout)
  • Uses gtExample for examples and tests: BlLinearLayoutExamples
  • Has extensive class docs and method docs. Still some methods are missing docs.
  • Has “book” chapter (more info below)
– Integration with OS-Window
– Unified shape scaling behaviour.
  • By default shape scales to fill BlElement’s extent.
  • Supports different resizing strategies.
  • Started “book” chapter
– Added documentation to various parts of Bloc
  • Still there are a lot of places not covered with docs.
  • Also we auto-generate “book” chapters from bloc example classes. In attachment you can find linear-layout and not finished shape chapter.
– Bloc presentation on PharoDays2016
  • 01 April 2016
  • 11:05–11:25 Bloc: Towards a vector-based GUI
– Working on
  • Grid layout (all rules above apply, docs + tests + chapter)
  • Bloc tests
  • Documentation



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