Call about Numerical Methods in Pharo :)

Hi guys

I met Didier Besset and we had a great hacking session and discussions with Serge Stinckwich. Didier would like to help Pharo and the numerical part of it. ***Big thanks*** Didier.

We would like to do several things:

– Work on “Hows to”
The numerical method in Pharo book is good but the gap between us and the math is too large 🙂  so the idea is to have a series of “how to …”
– histomgram (simple, based on distribution)

– Improve the SciPharo/NumPha (previously SciSmalltalk – yes we need a new name) library.  This morning we started to implement a ComponentPrincipalDecomposition by combining two of the  objects available in SciPharo.  Then we started to enhance the distributions to make sure that we can plug other distribution for having controlled random number.

– Do a public call to know what is missing for you: this is this mail 🙂
Didier would like to work on concrete cases. I love that attitude
So tell us 🙂

Hernan ??
Alex: ?? pvalue? better distribution?
Vincent: covariance? CPA?
Philippe: times series
Serge R frames?
Sami: Better random number and various distributions?

– Organise a two day lectures with practices on concrete case in September with a recording session. Either at IRD Bondy or Lille.

– Make sure that the Numerical Method book will get on lulu 🙂 with a better cover and title 🙂


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