BitTalk needs contributors

Jordi Delgado from Catalunya developed a torrent in pharo and here are some information… If you want to help contact Jordi.


location: ‘’
user: ”
password: ”

I didn’t make it public because, after looking in detail to the code, I
think it needs a non-trivial effort to get improved.

It works, I mean, you can share files with it. For example, after
installing, open a workspace and try:

| locationString metainfoString torrent localPeer |
locationString:=’/home/n00ne/tmp’. “torrent file directory”
“torrent file”
torrent:= BtTorrent metainfoFileString: metainfoString locationString:
localPeer:= BtLocalPeer start.
localPeer addTorrent: torrent.
torrent start.
[torrent inspect] forkAt: Processor userBackgroundPriority .

PointerExplorer new openExplorerFor: ((BtLocalPeer allInstances) at: 1)

Jordi Delgado


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