You want to know how much time it takes to do something for real:



Here is the official announce.


Stef told me I need to make a bit more visibility my work, and while being in Togo I sketched an application I tested last few days and seems to be working fin.
Of course, easiest way would be to use twitter as a work log, but I was not satisfied with the idea. Why? well… some reasons are explained in the source page:
– You can add formatting using pillar
– You do not have 140 characters max (probably you will not need much more, but anyway, the limitation is annoying :P)
– You can disqus ( posts.
– Posts are interpreted and links are detected and listed (so is easy to find them)
– Since is made for my own work, it understand links like *case:12345* as a link to pharo fogbugz case 12345.
– It has a command line!
but another reason was because I wanted to try it (and I was bored in Togo waiting for the planes)
I don’t know how this experiment will work, but let’s give it a try 🙂 (you can suscribe with your reader, so you do not need to go to the page)
Enjoy stalking me 🙂

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