Hi all,

Marcus, Miguel Campusano and me have been working the last few weeks on getting breakpoints and watchpoints working for Pharo 5. Since a few days we have functionality that works for many cases and that is easily accessible. It’s really cool, I urge you to try it out!

In Nautilus in the methods list you can add a breakpoint to a method, as well as a breakpoint that triggers once, or a breakpoint that takes a condition. (The last is still a bit complicated. Marcus promised that he will clean that up :-).) Also in the code pane the suggestions menu allows you to add a breakpoint to expressions. They will be highlighted in red, and an icon appears in the gutter. Clicking it removes the breakpoint and  also bringing up the suggestions menu allows you to remove them.

Watchpoints are a simple mechanism to log the results of specific expressions. In the code pane the suggestions menu allows you to set a watchpoint. The expression is highlighted in red and in the gutter a green ball appears. Click it and you will have a simple UI that shows the last values recorded. (Actually the watchpoint records every execution and never throws anything away, so this can become a memory hog, be careful.) You can remove the watchpoint from the UI and from the suggestions menu.

In our experiments we found both very useful and powerful, try them out and be sure to tell us if there are any problems 

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