A warm testimony

Hello Offray,

My apologies for the delay in reply. I have been on holiday.

Thanks for the suggestions. I am pretty much wanting to stick with Pharo solutions. I want to use and contribute to the Pharo ecosystem.

I believe the more we use our own tools and contribute toward the ecosystem the better our tools and the ecosystem will be. In Pharo I can possibly offer an occasional bug fix, contribute to documentation or tests.

And yes, the other solutions do offer that as well as they are open source. But the bar is much higher. I now have to understand their ecosystems, languages, and development cultures of a variety of tools.

In Pharo I have Pharo/Smalltalk. Even a simple user can often contribute in simple ways. Even as a simple user of a Pharo tool. I can submit issues, fix simple issues, improve method or class comments, etc. As I learn the Pharo tools and ecosystem I continually improve my ability to take care of myself and also contribute to the community. I think Pharo is the most user empowering environment I have found. Sure I can find lots and lots of other quality tools in other languages. But each is their own island. And depending on how broadly I spread the net. Different languages, different cultures, different licenses, all independent of each other.

I much prefer the Pharo ecosystem and culture. It is home.
I know others who like the other tools, and multiplicity of choice. And they feel comfortable there.

Choice is nice. Pharo is mine.

Thanks again for suggestions and for a view on how others approach problems and their solutions. That is always available as inspiration even within Pharo. I take a look at your stuff.



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