Steady progress is Pharo rythm

16696 Execution Demo with Reflectivity

16694 optionMetalevel and some cleanups

16697 NautliusPluginManager context menu broken
16685 remove ThemeIcons references in GTools

16702 remove ThemeIcons references in GTInspector

16701 remove ThemeIcons references in Catalog

16700 remove ThemeIcons references in GTSpotter
16680 remove direct references to icontheme classes
16602 Only get a basic command line handler in the bootstrap (avoid startup preferences)
16686 remove ThemeIcons references in ShoreLine

16673 Senders of… highlights wrong code segment
16691 MouseFocus and triggering modal dialogs from mouse event dispatcher

16690 Spec WidgetBuilt is send with an Adapter but it should be a widget (Morph)

16068 Debugger is losing the source code changes on method context change

16688 Coverage Demo with Reflectivity

16490 MorphSlot

16682 Syntax Error when recompiling the image

16679 links on Slots: add all reifications

16645 RBParser should not accept # <whitespace> and # <number>

16655 Menu stay up icon isnt removed
16674 Navigate from Variables to AST Node accessing that variable

16677 #after on Globals and Slots

16676 Desktop Logo hidden behind Background image

16660 improve #isUsed for Behaviours

16669 MetaLinks on Slots

16670 optionInlineCondition: do not inline condition

16668 Variables button throws KeynotFound when a variable is selected
16663 Minor tweaks to the Nautilus variable menu

16667 do not inline meta link: #optionInlineMetaObject

14618 Add a comment describing RBFileBlocksRule

16654 test for #optionOneShot and accessors for pre-defined options

16662 SlotClassBuilderError –> tClassBuilderError

16658 Reflectivity: crash on Morph Invalidate
16661 compatibility check when putting links on variables

10219 Completion: enter on accept awkwardness

16659 add #entity reification
16652 Menues now have a very strange reddish color

16631 Move integration rules to a PharoCriticRules class
16647 Nautilus Variable Menu Improvement

16648 ThemeSettings protocol cleanup

16649 Links of Globals and Class Vars: implement all reifications + extend for Globals
16646 test + fix: #after mit access to temp in method

16642 availableReifications: return the list of supported reifications for an entity

16632 RBParser should reject – space literal

16640 Reflectivity: add support for reifications #name and #value for Class Variables
16591 #findVariable:ifNone: methods needs to go back to Opal

16633 Rename layout to classLayout (step 1 add accessor)

16639 fix non common smalltalk syntax in PointTest

16620 Add a category “Pharo integration rules” to the critics browser

15858 review rule RBAbstractClassRule

16402 Diff view partly broken (Refactorgin ChangesBrowser)

16600 System-Changes should not depend on system-FileRegistry

16616 “Eliminate guarding clauses” critic is named wrong and maybe should be removed

16624 SimpleBorder borderStyle should initialize its width to a number

16622 Merge latest rubric fixes

16603 System-Hashing should not depend on Graphics Primitives

16615 Improve ContributingToTheCatalogHelp

16614 To use at:ifPresent:ifAbsent:, ifPresent block argument should not be mandatory
16597 DNU RBParseErrorNode>>statements: when | is placed before a .

16599 Compression should not depend on Graphics-Display Object (leftover)

16610 test: block body vs block
16606 remove bubble like ballon tooltip from menus

16605 senders/implementors window shows unrelated content

16598 Cannot save the contents of the standard workspace to disk

16596 #before for Class Variable
16595 Get rid of UnicodeInitialization in the bootstrap

16594 System-Changes should not depend on Text-Core
16523 Nautilus Regex Search Box borken

16587 Deprecate SmalltalkImage>>#logChange:

16573 Monticello should not depend on System-FileRegistry
16589 #instead for block sequence

16588 Integrate Catalog 0.9

16586 Load latest version of CodeImporter

16581 one-shot links

16582 Reflectivity: #instead for sequence nodes

15260 WriteStream on new string

16578 Add an id to Session


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