No holidays for Pharo Improvements

16117 Cleaning Nautilus RotatingString and Friends

16118 flatCollect:as: does not return the good collection type if the receiver is empty

16105 DNU: receiver of “compilationContext” is nil – AST
16097 introduce RBNullFormatter

16100 #testCanCreateFiletreeRepositoryFromUrl is failing

16110 Specify Window Menu Order

16107 Merge of Rubric with repository needed

16078 load new TxText version

15651 Fix Gofer>>upgrade

16072 QualityAssistant should depend on a configuration of Renraku and not use deprecated methods

16095 #browseScropedMorph and #browseVariablesMorph are Undeclared

16094 SHRBTextStyler can not style incomplete literal arrays

16102 wrong coloring for nested parentheses (SHRBTextStlyer)

16103 Allow ManifestBuilder to update methods in different protocols

16079 Nautilus window moves randomly and does something that takes time

16104 Fast Table has infinite loop when drawing then consuming a lot of CPU
16093 Remove a forgotten PluggableTextMorph in groups

15633 FT2Handle needs to cleanUp on exit, not on startup

16087 Package BlueInk-Core is empty

16085 Removing PluugableTextMorph from MC tools

16092 Change package group icon

15817 Clean up Nautilus groups

15773 Shout is using the wrong class to perform its semantics analysis

16046 Integrate BlueInk Inspector to preview the effect of an option in the settings of the pretty printer

15990 Failing tests testCanCreateFiletreeRepositoryFromUrl (on windows)

16088 Fix DiffMorph when called from Komitter

14986 Additions to tests for MultiByteFileStream

16049 support differnt colors for nested parentheses / blocks in SHRBTextStyler

16053 less pluggableTextMorph references

16086 reflectivity: testAfterSequence

16077 removing BooleanSlot with instance

16082 load new athens version 3.7

15773 Shout is using the wrong class to perform its semantics analysis

16075 DiskStore>>basicEntry:path:nodesDo: should return on DirectoryDoesNotExist error

12883 Critics browser rules categories selection
16073 TextEditor initialization

16071 Remove groups button and clean up a lot of useless tests related to it in Nautilus

15517 Breakpoint AST suggestions should be not shown when the editor is dirty

15512 Method deprecated but not in Deprecated50

16041 Rubric is not using source code font anymore since update 50192

16070 RBPatternBlockNode should implement #isPatternBlockNode and return true

16062 WorkspaceTest>>#testStyling is failing

16060 remove empty packages GroupManager and GroupManagerUI

16011 Remove old Pretty Printer

16067 remove #prepareDebuggerExample

16066 Update Rubric

16006 Make new Pretty Printer the default
16063 Byte code generation UnlimitedInstanceVariableSlot

16061 DNU when running ProfStef tests

16058 Clean ProfStef

16055 Color HSL accessors

16056 Cleaning ProcessBrowser

15948 Removing PluggableTextMorph from FileList

15903 Use Rubric in DiffMorph
16051 Incorrectly structured tab window can make VM spinlock

16052 BooleanSlot: implement code generation

16054 Update Rubric configuration

16044 remove empty package remove ShoutTests

16048 Unify capitalization of Browser in our tools

15951 remove all direct references to Workspace

16042 TxTxt: load latest in image
16041 Rubric is not using source code font anymore since update 50192

16036 Method list gives an error after removing an overriding method

16040 CodeSearchingRule should not be visible in CriticsBrowser

16027 add special RB nodes for Globals and Ivars

16029 Changing the font globally (Force all) does not affect the font in the right side of the Help window

16026 remove RBExplicitVariableParser

16024 QualityAssitances uses deprecate method #category

16021 Support creation of colors from HSL coordinates

16025 clean up: shouldGetStepsFrom:

10916 RBParser missparse some temporary variables

16023 RBClassReference can be removed
11115 Trying to remove shouldGetStepsFrom:

15769 Suggestions work in Nautilus but not in “Implementors” menu.

12491 Finder menus for pragma search results partly broken/sensless

16019 BreakPoints should install links that compile directly on installation

16017 RBScanner>>#flush not needed

16016 Replace with #allSatisfy:, #anySatisfy:

15957 QualityAssistant integration

16008 simplify AbstractTool>>renamePackages:

16012 parse link option from method pragma


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