Couple of weeks of continuous enhancements

16009 Reflectivity: always compile primitive methods on Link install

16007 remove #isAssociation is RGDefiniton

16010 Fix typos in RBAssignmentInIfTrueRules comment

15494 Integrate new pretty printer (Blue Ink)

16004 Cleanup useFaultyForParsing

16005 Enable new decompiler and remove the old

15347 rename package GroupManager as Nautilus-GroupManager

16001 New decompiler

15979 Make useFaultyForParsing a compiler option

15968 refactoring move method (class/instance side) does not work anymore
15995 UnlimitedInstanceVariableSlot

16002 use pushLiteralVariable for code generated for reflective slot read

15971 SubscriptOutOfBounds: 0 on whileFalse:

15999 remove empty package ToolsTest

13686 Morphic-Widgets-Tabs depends on Spec-Core

15998 Rename RPackageCreated into RPackageRegistered

15997 Manifest storing/loading of metaclass is broken

15393 Optimizing repeat

15991 System settings search is slow

14442 ToolsTest package should be Tools-Test

3893 There is no way to revert a change in a patch browser nor in Plymorph diff

15993 Temporary variable pos is only written in NumberParser>>#nextInteger
14616 Package Tags causing merge conflict

15987 SparseLargeTable>>zapDefaultOnlyEntries creates an unused copy

15985 Bottom Plugin takes too much space

15986 implement optionCompileOnLinkInstallation

15988 add catalog command line handler
6964 “Changes” in Monticello seems to compare to the latest in the cache

15976 Feature a buffer with offset type

15978 disable fasttable
15928 “Push up” refactoring presents a question as a disappearing notification

15965 Strange Slice+Changes behavior (shows too many changes)

15964 RingChunkImporter can not import TraitDefinitions

15727 RingChunkImporter can not import ClassOrganizationChunk

15963 Test: code coverage per node

15958 undeclared in StartupLoader

15961 Options for Meta Links

15962 NumberParser>>#makeIntegerOrScaledInteger to be removed in favor of makeIntegerOrScaledIntegerOrFloat
15956 Temporary variable oldNeg is only written in NumberParser>>#nextInteger

15952 Update configuration of Rubric

15953 Replace PluggableTextMorph of the Finder

15954 Replace PluggableTextMorph of the HelpBrowser

15955 Replace PluggableTextMorph of the Mail Composition

15950 create Reflectivity-Examples

15947 Right and left click exchanged for world menu

15898 enable FastTable in Nautilus by default

15856 When we cancel the creation of a class we get an error

15939 ChangesBrowser missing tests

15943 Cleaning LessonView

15937 DNU MethodChunk on change browser file in

15940 ast Cache: retain entries with linkCount on image save

14676 World menu should open on right click under Windows and Linux

15942 drag&drop not working when fast table is activated

11680 DropListMorph accepts on ESCAPE

15933 Wrong metacelloPlatformAttributes for pharo 5

15936 Remove titleAndPaneText

11730 UTF8TextConverter dependent on Zinc

15922 Add Jobs to MC version loading
15907 add beForCode for all tools using specs TextModel

15921 Make SystemReporter use Rubric

15934 test: Coverage per method, see #testCoverageMethod
15912 Classes are not rebuilt when changing only slot parameters

14310 Renaming a package just by changing upper/lowercase removes the package

15926 Monticello should raise MCRepositoryError and not Error

12190 Nautilus right click menus do not work on empty panes
15925 Reflectivity: test refactoring

15910 Add a factory method fromUrl on MCRepository

15914 Add Manifest for the Pharo kernel

15919 Disable format as you read should put back the unformatted code

15917 Job can answer who is the owner

15784 clean Nautilus Plugins

15906 PharoChangesCondenser broken

15902 image saved notification showed on image startup

15916 FastTable scrolling deltas need improving

15888 use “Smalltalk tools messageList” for “Search Code” result list

15913 Reflectivity: more tests

15911 Remove VariableChooserTree from Nautilus-Tree
15908 Reflectivity: more tests

15909 Replace Smalltalk at: to Smalltalk globals at: in RPackage

15237 Spec TextModel for plain text

14785 intersecting not overlapping rectangles should returen an empty rectangle

13059 Dynamic Spec Ui cannot resize the window

15905 Reflectivity: More work on #instead

15904 fast table need to react better to selections and searches

15894 nautilus need to take into account the new fast table when selecting and testing

15884 review rule RBUnaryAccessingMethodWithoutReturnRule

15895 Reflectivity: reifications for #after working
15890 some cleaning

15072 Senders and implementors do not work when one parameter is a string containing :

15899 Remove destructive example

15897 Load new Workspace from AlainPlantec/WorkspaceRevisited
7008 Shared Pools to be treated like dictionaries still necessary?

15886 Find class dialog from a scope nautilus window shows all classes

15889 do not call asOrderedCollection on compiled methods

15892 Cleanups: clean annotation handling + rename HookGenerator2

15891 Reflectivity: New HookGenerator

15871 enable ProcessList

15881 Add a method to lookup a Job in the chain of parent jobs

15883 LinkedList>>#collect:thenReject: is slow

15879 No more stepping and huge buttons on a right pane for browsing variables

15865 code limit panel is HARDCODING colors

15530 Clicking play twice in empty Playground gives DNU

15227 Horrible drawing glitch in Spotter Breadcrumb

15351 GTSpotter strange rendering for menu preview

15792 GTInspector UndefinedObject(Object)>>doesNotUnderstand: #collect:

15804 GTInspector should not raise an error when inspecting an unitialized morph

15803 GTInspector should not raise an error when inspecting an unitialized collection
15874 Reflectvity: small refactoring

15873 Clean new class builder: #copyTraitCompositionFromExistingClass not needed

15870 TestRunner: packages is shadowed

15396 Refactor Duplicated #itemFromPoint: (3 slightly-differing implementations)

15868 Differentiate ProcessList and LinkedList
15450 VM crash with disabled optionInlineIfNil

15867 Fix shortcut for smart suggestions in Nautilus
15396 Refactor Duplicated #itemFromPoint: (3 slightly-differing implementations)

15863 Update Glamour to load last version of Rubric

15867 Fix shortcut for smart suggestions in Nautilus
15862 Better method comment for withIndexDo: and doWithIndex:

15864 Reflectivity: error when installing incompatibe link

15312 Wrong position for completion menu in Rubric/Playground

13416 Problem with Refactoring : temporary to instvar

15760 ToggleMenuItemShortcut do not draw on athens

15854 template proposed to dynamically create class (on the fly)

15852 Reflectivity: #ensure: wrapping #after

15851 update Rubric to support edition in place of string morph

15850 Editable StringMorph revival

15846 Monticello cleaning and repackaging

15848 Update Rubric support for temporaries addition

15835 enable use of experimental fast table for Nautilus

15843 Tiny cleanup Opal

14776 Create test package for Jobs

15841 Removing Monticello dead and duplicated code
15840 RF: add support for #instead links

15833 Remove Notifications from Job implementation
15830 enable compiler subclass for Reflectivity, start to move hooks from superclass

15836 Abort Rename class refactoring


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