Dear Pharoers and others,
As you know, the purpose of the Pharo Consortium is to secure Pharo by taking care about different needs, working on essential infrastructure assets and managing updates. The consortium is also an umbrella so that companies can control the system that they use daily.
Since last year, we (the board) has been working to complement this offer with a service completely dedicated to concrete and specific customer needs. PharoPro support for companies and business has as sole objective to make Pharo a strong and reliable choice for developing business critical application. PharoPro will make sure  that Pharo companies can fulfill their needs using Pharo as a platform for business.
Offering this new service will bring Pharo to another level of business acceptance. We propose to offer it in the umbrella of the Consortium.
We sketch the PharoPro services here:
We worked hard to on it and we will be at ESUG to discuss with you about business opportunities.
Do not hesitate to send us feedback about your needs
Esteban, in behalf of Pharo Board

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