Pharo is pulsing steady and regular

15831 Replace PluggableTextMorph with RubScrolledTextModel in Nautilus for source code

15832 Integrate new FastTable
15568 removeClass does not work for Last modified/Most viewed DynamicGroups

15827 Update Rubric

15272 RBPatternMessageNode>>match:inContext: SubscriptOutOfBounds
12728 requestImplementorToInline: is missing in NautilusRefactoring

15828 NECController must check that its editor morph is not nil before unsubscribing from it

15826 Clean up discouraged uses of SourceFiles and friends (10)

15825 Move Reflectivity changes from Opal into a Opal translator subclass (part1)

15824 Clean up discouraged uses of SourceFiles and friends (9)

15823 Clean up discouraged uses of SourceFiles and friends (8)
15818 Clean up discouraged uses of SourceFiles and friends (7)

15813 Reflectivity: #value for ReturnNodes

15812 MessageNotUnderstood: RGMethodDefinition>>ast (Suggestions expects it)

15791 Cleanup Script actions for methods

15557 New PackageManifests should be classes, not instances

15809 Update Rubric
15806 Clean up NautilusRefactoring

15805 support #newValue on assignmentNode + cleanups

15807 Revisiting RBUnpackagedCodeRule

15801 MorphTreeMorph improvement

15801 MorphTreeMorph improvement
15799 replace last #gather: reference

15800 Fix concurrency problem with RemoteString

15795 Playground enter does not work well anymore

15793 Better comment for Margin

13463 Monticello Browser doesnt scroll packages correctly

15789 Progress with reifications

7367 Nautilus Colors “not in this package” methods differently on instance/class sides

15794 Clean up discouraged uses of SourceFiles and friends (5)
15788 Clean up discouraged uses of SourceFiles and friends (4)

15785 Fix do it etc in class comment in Nautilus
15783 First cleanup of Workspace

15778 The meaning of command-click (apple-click) on class names changed from Browse class to References to class

15779 Clean up discouraged uses of SourceFiles and friends (3)

15724 RB lint rules should not directly query the system dictionary
15754 New Code Critic for unary “accessing” methods without explicit returns

15739 lastKeystroke broken

15146 Spec TabManagerModel>>selectedTab: aTab manipulates with Morphic tab

15781 Fix TraitMethodDescriptionTest>>testArgumentNames
15776 Clean up discouraged uses of SourceFiles and friends (2)

15681 Manifest-CriticBrowser

15775 remove some “halt” that where left over

15765 OrderedCollection>>#at: and #at:put is slow

15753 wrong styling for comments

15770 Methods are in wrong protocol on ThemeIcons

15711 The File Browser has a Context Menu “Workspace with Contents”. It opens an Edit Window (String Morph), but not a Workspace …
15276 radioUnselectedFormContents and radioSelectedFormContents broken in Pharo3UIThemeIcons

15766 remove explicit isKindOf: PluggableTextFieldMorph in rubric

15767 remove explicit isKindOf: PluggableTextFieldMorph

15761 remove package Tool-Browser-Old

14614 FileList is not working

15640 Call to obsolete method in LinearGradientPaint class
15746 clean up RPackage-SystemIntegration

15681 Manifest-CriticBrowser

15718 Remove StringHolder

15532 Methods in Object category drag and drop should be a Morphic extension
15660 Add String methods for removing prefix/suffix

15756 Move FileStream usages to File and Friends

15759 Remove debug code from ASMJit

15718 Remove StringHolder
15740 openInWorld: aPasteUpMorph raises MNU PasteUpMorph>>startSteppingSubmorphsOf:

15726 unimplemented methods for new change list

15720 RubTextEditor references StringHolder
15741 PluggableTextMorphWithLimits should be removed

15749 RB: Dont Add Parens Around Lit Array Elements

15751 catalog (with spotter) needs to show projects after classes and packages

15752 make browsing versions of removed methods working again
15745 add API to enumerate AST nodes

15747 cleanup tools to get rid of undeclared

15748 Reflectivity: fixes for reifications

15703 integrate new Catalog Browser

15735 Start to move RPackage-SystemIntegration to into RPackage

15744 CatalogBrowser moved to PharoExtras

15742 Small clean up in ChangesBrowser

15636 PharoTutorial contents

15731 Kill the last two #asTimeStamp methods

15734 More tests for reifications

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