New Tool: Catalog Browser in Pharo 5.0


maybe you already noticed. The latest update for Pharo 5 which is 50103 (see [1]).
includes a new tool called "Catalog Browser". 

Where to go

You will find it under "Tools" -> "Catalog Browser" and it will display the
configs together with the catalog metadata like project description.

The code is managed with a configuration similar to what we have for
a few other packages/projects. The tool was written by Esteban Lorenzano with small 
improvements like spotter integration from my side. Feel free to contribute more features.

The repository can be found on SmalltalkHub [2].

This new tool basically gives you access to all available configurations
aggregated at [3]. You can use a small UI to search and load the configs
(see world menu -> "Tools" -> "Catalog Browser".

But you can also use Spotter to load a config. 

Example on how to load ScriptManager config: 
 - open Spotter (SHIFT + ENTER on Windows, ...)
 - type in "Script" and you will find a spotter category "Catalog Projects" with "ScriptManager" in it
 - just hit enter and the config is loaded

Same for all others, so try with "Seaside", "MongoTalk", ...

In the short/mid-term this new tool should replace the existing config browser as it
gives more informations about the projects.   

What to do next:
catalogBrowser- give feedback
- we should update all our configs with catalog descriptions
- it would be nice if the spotter integration would include also a preview of the project
- ...

If you want to contribute just tell Esteban so he can add you to the project.

Esteban & Torsten


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