Already 100 updates for Pharo50


10803 Aliasing a method to a non-existent method breaks Browser

15728 Meta support in keymapping

15730 tests for #value (Global, Temp) and fix: allow tests to be run multiple times

15708 Deleting a class with nautilus raises an error

12736 Text Selection Not Updated

15694 Browse versions does not take focus

12775 Nautilus: Performance problem when selecting group with many classes

15723 It would be nice if Kernel-Traits (e.g. TClass) dont use #class because its too low level

15722 Remove unused method -= in SHParserST80

15725 SystemNavigation shouldnt use Smalltalk globals for self environment

15721 Reflectivity: add #name reification for Variables

13180 Class class>>superclassOrder: should preserve classes order

11711 Remove CodeHolder

15719 Remove ChangeList

14013 no package information for class side trait methods

15197 remove unnecessary menu item in MC

15710 ExternalChangesBrowser should register to serviceFiles

15709 Remove FilePackage and PseudoClasses

15708 Deleting a class with nautilus raises an error
7472 Remove old Browser

15714 Reflectivity: add #newValue reification for variables

15715 Character>>#serializeOn: needs to use accessor to value

15712 Remove FileContentsBrowser

15658 Prepare FilePackageRemoval and FileContentsBrowser
15159 Move file drop handlers to morphic

15701 Remove browse compressed changes

15655 a MCWorkingCopy(ConfigurationOfRubric)

15285 Clean endianness detection

15700 rollback latest font changes, until we have a real solution

15686 add missing editor shortcuts to class PharoShortcuts

15698 do not load package from cache if version info differs

15693 refactoring of GTAnnouncement to have less duplication

15679 Writing only one quote at the beginning of a method produces a syntax error.

15685 Adapt font color to current theme in Rubric

15664 Merge category method into group in RBRule
Cleaning method category api should be protocol (part 1)
15684 reduce direct references to PharoClassInstaller

15677 Remove ComposableModel>>#instantiateModels:s senders in Spec-Debugger

15673 Remove ComposableModel>>#instantiateModels:s senders in Spec-PolyWidgets

15674 Clean Nautilus icons and fixed missing class variables

15661 KeymapBrowser should have an icon

15683 Fix prompt for cancel in class comment pane
15644 empty comment pane in nautilus

15671 remove OldClassBuilderAdapter

15668 Old caseOf: patterns still in use
15670 Integrate new version of code importer for 15658
15666 Class rename does not update references in class-side methods

15659 LucidaGrande font should be installed just in Macs

15535 break circular reference for keymappings

15529 add Character space to the special km single Keycombination class

15657 Empty UDP packets are not sent

15665 Remove ComposableModel>>#instantiateModels:s senders in Manifest-CriticBrowser

15629 Remove ComposableModel>>#instantiateModels:s senders in HudsonBuildTools20

15650 Remove ComposableModel>>#instantiateModels:s senders in Spec-Tools

15634 TestRunner refers to categories and should use packages instead

15632 Integrate latest version of CodeImporter

15609 dnu RBParserErrorNode addParenthesis

15625 file out broken due to refactor of adaptToNumber:andSend:

15643 Remove ComposableModel>>#instantiateModels:s senders in Spec-Core

15642 Remove ComposableModel>>#instantiateModels:s senders in Tool-ConfigurationBrowser

15644 empty comment pane in nautilus

15639 rubric has a lot of hardcoded defaults (for colors, etc.)

15138 inprecise interpolateTo:at: for floats
15627 menuShortcutModifierString needs to answer ctrl for windows and linux

15598 Morphic – Cant go back directly to the first menu when more than 2 submenus are opened.

15630 Remove duplicate shortcut definition (TextEditors actionMap vs KM)

15637 Fixed nautilus tests

15633 FT2Handle needs to cleanUp on exit, not on startup

15631 Change PluggableTextMorph in comment pane into a RubScrolledTextMorph via RubScrolledTextModel

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