Parsing code with syntax errors

We can parse code with syntax errors: it generates partial ASTs with the faulty part of the input as a RBParseErrorNode.

Only three methods are needed to allow generating executable methods from such an AST: the SyntaxErrorNotification
 is raised at runtime instead of compile time.

    | ast cm |
    ast := OpalCompiler new
                source: 'method 3+';
                useFaultyForParsing: true;
    self assert: ast isMethod.
    self assert: ast isFaulty.
    cm := ast compiledMethod.
    self should: [cm valueWithReceiver: nil arguments: #()] raise: SyntaxErrorNotification

The syntax error instance is compiled in via a literal variable, in the end the only thing needed was:

visitParseErrorNode: anErrorNode  
		pushLiteralVariable: #error -> anErrorNode asSyntaxErrorNotification;
		send: #signal.

This is in #50044.

Future work: introduce a RuntimeSyntaxError that can be turned off per error and globally.


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