New Idea Icon Pack


I made a configuration to install the  from configurations browser for Pharo 4.
You can install it and then choose your new icon set in settings.
You can also manual install them by:
Gofer it
smalltalkhubUser: ‘Pharo’ project: ‘MetaRepoForPharo40’;
configurationOf: ‘IdeaIcons’;
ThemeIcons current: #IdeaUIThemeIcons asClass new.
 “In Pharo 4, you might need to execute this”
AbstractNautilusUI resetIconCaches.
This icon pack works also for Pharo 3
If you lost it, here a couple of screenshots:
Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.01.20Screen Shot 2015-04-30 at 12.01.57

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