Girlish pinkish Pharo … the 1st of April :)

today well today the GTSpotter announced a modern design for GTSpotter. And it feels pink 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-04-01 at 22.41.17

Here is their announce.

We would like to present a brand new Spotter design! It follows all modern UI techniques as flat and material design. Feel the future coming! Update Spotter to the latest version:
{       { ‘ConfigurationOfRubric’. ‘AlainPlantec’. ‘Rubric’ }.
        { ‘ConfigurationOfGlamourCore’. ‘Moose’. ‘Glamour’ }.
        { ‘ConfigurationOfGTInspectorCore’. ‘Moose’. ‘GToolkit’ }.
        { ‘ConfigurationOfGTPlaygroundCore’. ‘Moose’. ‘GToolkit’ }.
        { ‘ConfigurationOfGTSpotter‘. ‘Moose’. ‘GToolkit’ }.
{ ‘ConfigurationOfGToolkitCore’. ‘Moose’. ‘GToolkit’ }.
} do: [ :spec |
        Gofer new
                smalltalkhubUser: spec second project: spec third;
                package: spec first;
                load ].
ConfigurationOfGToolkitCore loadDevelopment.
KMRepository reset.
Best wishes,
GT Team

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