#before and #after links!


After loading this:
Simple after and before MetaLinks are taken into account, with just one check in #visitNode of the ASTTranslator that is
false when no links are there. (which means this slice should not impact anything)
For now this is for very simple MetaLinks: no parameters, no condition, no reification, no #instead/around,
no meta-level modelling.
Here is a trivial example:
1) get a AST node from our example method:
sendNode := (ReflectivityExamples>>#exampleMethod) ast body statements first value.
2) then we define a link that is just #halt:
link := MetaLink new
metaObject: Halt;
 selector: #now.
3) we set it:
sendNode link: link.
4) when we now execute the method, we get a halt:
ReflectivityExamples new exampleMethod
5) to get rid of it, uninstall the link:
link uninstall.
If you look at the byte code, you see that it compiles the link to the code:
25 <20> pushConstant: Halt
26 <D1> send: now

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