MongoTalk getting ready for Pharo 4.0


cleaned up MongoTalk a little bit:

- added a new baseline 1.7 with separate test packages for "BSON" and "Core", so tests are now separately loadable
- more comments and more/better categorizations
- printOn: in database and collections to print the name
- MongoQueries is now "Mongo-Queries" and "Mongo-Tests-Queries" (hence the name of the first to be in 
  alignment with other packages)
- make Config aware/loadable for upcoming Pharo 4
- the Config now is working and saved with Versionner
- the Config also includes groups (Core, Tests and default)
- it is now available in MetaRepoForPharo40 so it is in the config browser of Pharo4
- all 55 tests are green in latest Pharo 4.0 #40534 

Just cleanups, no behavior changes



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