AthensSketch: How to browse cool Athens graphics example

Nicolai Hesse announced AthensSketch a really excellent little tool showing the magic of Athens.
Here is announce.

The main purpose of this packages is to ease the creation of simple drawings and provide a rich set of examples for Athens drawing API.

Gofer new
smalltalkhubUser: ‘NicolaiHess’ project: ‘AthensSketch’;
ConfigurationOfAthensSketch loadDevelopment.

AthensSketchBrowser open.


This is a simple playground for Athens drawings. Just subclass AthensSketch and define your own sketch drawing in the #drawStepOn: method. It provides basic frame based animation (play/pause/stop).

Open a player with
ASketchExampleColors openPlayer’,
or a simple viewer morph with
ASketchExampleColors openView (start and stop rendering from the morph menu)

The AthensSketchBrowser lists all defined AthensSketch subclasses. (Basic examples
from package AthensSketch and some more examples from package ASketchExamples).
You can step through the list of examples, start and stop the drawing, or view and edit the drawing code.

It is great that we have now a vector based drawing API. The (old) Canvas API is
already great for pixel based drawings. A rich API and many good things if
you discover it. And Athens is a addition that can increase our possibilities.

There were some questions about Athens, what it is and what it is used for, maybe this



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