How Far We’ve Come!

Sean De Nigris (an early pharo adopter) wrote the following:

It was so much fun watching the Pharo Days videos! Thanks for recording them
and I hope to be there next time 🙂

(note videos are here

Somewhere halfway through the playlist, it hit me how easily I was
downloading all the projects and images being talked about. I was
copy/pasting one-line Metacello scripts out of github READMEs, clicking in
the Configuration Browser, or downloading the latest code from CI – and it
all “just worked”!!!

Remember not too long ago when we were passing around custom scripts to load
multiple dependent packages, and explaining to outsiders that “we don’t need
github because Smalltalk invented SCM” (or whatever) while we created the
future invisibly, hidden away from the rest of the world?

After laying down so many building blocks (like FileSystem) that take the
system out of the way of creative expression, it is exciting to finally be
tackling some of the high-impact things… you know the ones we’ve been
avoiding… like Morphic, development tools, and the text editors.

And the steady streams of new talent and funding seem likely to keep the
successes coming.

So CONGRATULATIONS, Pharo Community!!!! We deserve it.

Now get back to work – we’ve got a future to create 😉


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