Another set of enhancements

Many thank to all the contributors of Pharo.

14879 CodeCritics does not allow to remove a critic when selecting the critics to be run

14884 Add a menu to define the metaRepository as repository in MCBrowser

14871 Date >> leap answer 1 or 0 and we want true or false

14887 SmalltalkImage>>printOnElements: is dead code

14886 remove #printSlotDefinitionOn:

14865 Browse full command does not display full class definition

14851 Extend AbstractCache API to allow cache population using #at:put:

14883 Add two examples for Slots
14882 Slots: add mechanism for initializing slots

14877 InstanceVariableSlot>>#definingClass does not work for vars from the class side

14876 Add call back in ClassBuilder to call slots when building a class

14798 Slots: add HiddenInstanceVariableSlot
14688 Change CompiledMethod header serialization to use signed integer

14669 Delay refactoring (part 2a) – avoid UI locking up when timer event loop is stopped
12597 Update TextAnchor class comment

14853 Improve AbstractCache plain access

14814 NewVersionBrowser api not updated in all the client packages
14866 Integrate GTools
14850 Integrate GTools #development

14843 Refactoring “Deprecate” should use the SearchFacade

14820 Add flag RBRenameInstanceVariableRefactoring

14849 The printing of a file reference of the working directory under windows throws an error

14831 Improve file system to know which kind of fileStore is it (in memory or on disk)

14846 MakeRelative: method applied on two relative paths is not working
14667 PackageTreeNautilus openOnMethod: not refreshing correctly

14848 “Add required package” in Monticello should use the SearchFacade

14842 cleaning removeClass

14837 Code pane context menu shows superfluous items when inside class NautilusRefactoring
14825 Correct spelling of “orginal”

13215 Duration>>#asMinutes should use full precision

14619 Strange behavior of TestRunner-Icon

14808 Make Help file editing in Pharo 4.0 work again and ease it by using <script> pragma in generated methods

14807 Old bytecode generators are now useless. Remove them

14804 In Spur VM, the number of literals of compiled method is now encoded in 15 bits (instead of 16)

14806 Add spur VM compatibility in new bytecodeGenerator

14757 Use code-critics category in the package manifest to manage false positives

14773 Gofer/Metacello test failing
14781 ManifestBuilder>>isObsoleteManifest removal

14666 When doing a “implementors of” with a selector that has 1 implementor –> neverthless open method list

14769 final MCClassDefinition>>#load simplification


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