Another batch of improvements

14784 toggle show hierarchy gives: list receiver of “package” is nil

14779 fix #definitionString for subclasses of ClassVariable and IntanceVariableSlot

14780 Bug in compiled method printing since signflag is printed.
14775 Cleanup “Jobs” package further

14770 Clean up the AST-Interpreter package further
14766 Fix two release methods in Versionner

14768 MCClassDefinition: merge #createClass into #load

14755 Slot: do not call #index: on virtual slots

14753 add support for setting class comments to class builder


14636: spotter: remap cmd+enter to shift+enter
14641: spot on global vars
14741: GTInspector: add simple slot support
14252: Make collections browsable again in the tools
14722: Disable FreeType gives MNU and RMOD in GTools
14711: The Playground print popper should allow for inserting the text in the editor
14587: deleting the whole text in the inspector pane throws SubscriptOutOfBounds
14515: Damaged configurations in the image
14742 Fix: Allow defining simple ClassVariales using symbols

14712 The print-popper should have a different color than the selection in the default Pharo theme

14515 Damaged configurations in the image
14733 do not check for coding convention on addClassVariable:

14731 Fixing DNU binding in GT and Nautilus
14590 SHParserST80Test>>#testNumbers

14725 When using class side slot, show class definition for slots

14720 Add support for Class Instance Slots
14716 Remove all #notify: from inline checking

14718 Move class instance variable def from #load to #createClass in MCClassDefinition
14699 Slot: #definingClass and #usingMethods should work on non-used slots

14698 Allow Slots to be saved with Monticello

14697 simplify extended search menu: case insensitive description not needed
12501 Duplicate shortcut case sensitive/insenstive method literal strings with it

14691 Improve pretty printing of Slot classdefinition
14693 Spotter version 1.0.6

14692 GTools version 2.0.8

14684 Spotter version 1.0.5

14683 GTools version 2.0.7

14681 Commiting to directory with subdirectory repo

14680 Improve printing of class definition of classes with Slots or ClassVars

14638 Avoid indirectly invoking the Refactoring Engine parser (thru CompiledMethod>>ast) when installing a method from an used trait

14679 Fix layout glitch in FileDialogWindows text preview

14678 fix DNU #index when redefining a class with slots that have no index

14675 correctly set superclass when creating classes with slots
14672 ScriptLoader should not reset repositories

14673 Avoidable DNU at each compilation
14668 HandMorph event statistics should be off by default with preference

14652 Float class fromIEEE32Bit: gradual underflow handling is buggy
14658 cleaning/commenting SUnit classes
14643 find records for classcomment changes in SourceFileArray

10529 ToolRegistry need to support multiple registrations per tool

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